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Auto repair payment solutions designed to the needs of the automotive industry.

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Automotive Repair Payment Solutions

As an auto dealership or repair shop, you need a payments company that enables you to run your business better. With CardChamp, you can manage multiple departments and locations, all from one login. With our enhanced level of security on all transactions, your customers will have the peace of mind knowing their payments are secure, along with enjoying a quick checkout process. From auto part sales to vehicle down payments, our platform gives you the ability to manage your merchant account in real-time on your own terms.

Auto Repair & Dealership Payment Challenges

Auto Repair Payment Processing Suite


Streamlined Auto & Dealer Payment System

With CardChamp, you can view transactions through your online dashboard in real-time. This means you can see transactions occurring instantly at each department within your dealership.

If you run a multi-location auto dealership, toggle between viewing from all locations at once or select to view payment data on a per location or department basis. Your customers will also enjoy a seamless checkout process when your dealership runs its payments through either of our CardPointe or Clover devices.

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Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees with Level 2/3 Data

While all CardChamp customers benefit from our low, transparent pricing, auto dealerships see an added pricing benefit. Most auto dealerships accept a large percentage of typed in transactions. When these transactions are made up of business, corporate, or purchasing cards, CardChamp is able to provide your dealership extended savings by giving you automatic Level 2/3 processing rates.

Level 2/3 processing is run by our intelligent platform, providing more data on a per transaction basis. In return, there is a lower cost for the transaction. This solution will reduce your rates and put more money back into your dealership’s bank account.

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