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Payment Processing Pricing

Transparent pricing that keeps you in control of your payment processing.

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Reduce Credit Card Processing With CardChamp Direct

Any size business can benefit from CardChamp’s direct wholesale pricing programs. On average, customers can expect to reduce their fees by 25% compared to their current provider.
Our True Cost Subscription Plans provide small businesses one of the most transparent pricing options in the payments industry. Businesses benefit by getting direct Interchange cost with 0 Basis Points and a Monthly Subscription Fee.

True Cost Subscription Plans

Monthly Plan


per month

+ Direct Interchange Fees +$0.06 Per Transaction


per month

+ Direct Interchange Fees +$0.06 Per Transaction


per month

+ Direct Interchange Fees +$0.06 Per Transaction

Monthly Processing Limit




No Basis Points

No Batch Fees

No Statement Fees

No Annual Fees

Free Gateway

Free Mobile App

No Cancellation Fee

24/7 Technical Support

Next Day Funding

PCI Compliance Support

If your business processes more than $50K Per Month, please call for a customized quote based on your industry type.

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No Fee Credit Card Processing With CardChamp Zero

Eliminate your credit card processing fees by charging a surcharge to purchases made with credit cards. We pass along the credit card processing fees to your customer. 

Imagine how much you’ll save!

How does the surcharge credit card processing program work?

Surcharging helps merchants offset expenses by including a 3.50% fee to the consumer on Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express Opt Blue credit card transactions while effortlessly following card brand guidelines.

The merchant is assessed 1.25% and a $0.25 transaction fee on all debit card purchases.

Low Credit Card Processing Rates With CardChamp Capital

We’re matching rates and investing working capital back into your business.
Choosing the right payment solution should involve more than just cost-savings. At CardChamp, we believe in payment partnerships – one that enables you to build your business. That’s why our Match Capital Advantage program actually invests money back into your business.

How It Works

We match your current rates and fees from your existing payment processor and provide you with immediate working capital. Customers must meet program qualifications.