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Before You Get Started with CardChamp


Do you charge a set up fee?

CardChamp does not charge any type of upfront fees for our credit card processing or gateway solutions. The only time you would be subject to a setup fee is if you chose to add our optional additional ACH (electronic check) service.


What is the process like to switch to CardChamp?

Our electronic application takes less than ten minutes for you to fill out. It includes basic business information such as your Legal Business Name, Federal Tax ID and the bank account you want your funds to deposit into.

After the application is finished, it automatically goes through underwriting procedures. If the information provided is correct, your merchant account will be approved and set up within the same business day.

After this, your business is ready to securely process with CardChamp! Training your employees takes approximately 15 minutes.


How soon do my funds deposit into my bank account?

We have a few different options, however, for 99% of our customers transactions batched prior to 9:45 PM EST will deposit into your bank account the next business day.


When are the fees taken out?

Most of our customers choose to have fees taken out the first week of the following month’s transactions. For instance, the fees for transactions run in July, would be deducted within the first week of August.

For businesses utilizing our cash discount program, fees can also be withdrawn daily or have them go into a separate account altogether.


Do you lock customers in with contracts?

CardChamp prides itself in providing the best match of pricing, security, and support when it comes to credit card processing for businesses. Due to this, our standard option is that there is no penalty to cancel your services. However, if you receive a quote from a competitor that is too good to be true, well, more often than not it really is too good to be true. We highly recommend you allow one of our consultants to review any competitor’s quote. More often than not, we are able to point out misleading information.

In the instance where CardChamp does make an investment into your business (paying for another processor’s termination fee, capital infusion into your business, etc), we will need to secure such an investment with a fair and reasonable term agreement. This is always discussed in thorough detail by both CardChamp and our beloved new customer.


Will you pay for my previous processor’s cancellation fees?

We review each opportunity differently. In many scenarios, we will pay a portion towards helping you leave your previous processor and joining forces with CardChamp. In order for CardChamp to agree to doing so, we must be aware of any such circumstances prior to you signing with CardChamp.


Why are you so much less than other credit card processors?

We believe in fair, transparent pricing and are not greedy.


Is the pricing you provide an introductory rate?

No, we believe in quality long-term business relationships. Unlike what you may be accustomed to with other credit card processors, CardChamp does not believe in tricking business owners with a starter rate and increasing it significantly thereafter.


Are there any hidden fees?

No. We prefer you tell your other friends who own businesses all the good things about CardChamp instead of bad. We are transparent with pricing. 

We offer true Interchange Plus Pricing and Cash Discounting. Our Interchange Plus Pricing is either provided within our Subscription Plans or our Wholesale.

Our Cash Discounting passes 95% of the fees to your customers.


Will I still receive a merchant statement?

Yes, you can always access your merchant statements online through CardPointe. If you wish to also receive them via snail mail, you can choose to do so at no additional financial cost.


How long have you been in business?

Our company has been operating since October 2009. In June 2019, we changed our “Doing Business As” name to CardChamp to better align with providing businesses the very best in payment processing pricing, security and support.


What areas does CardChamp service?

We provide payment processing to the entire United States.


Can you beat my current rates?

99 times out of 100, yes we can. If we cannot beat your current pricing, we will let you know. Although many businesses choose CardChamp for the benefit of our security and solutions alone.


What features does CardChamp include? 

Online invoicing solutions 

Virtual Terminal

Hosted Payment Page

Mobile App

Countertop terminals

Integrations with POS systems

Online shopping carts

In-house API


What credit cards will I be able to accept?

You will be set up to accept Mastercard® Visa®, Discover®, and American Express®. Bank ATM debit cards, EBT, Wright Express and Voyager can also be added to your merchant account per your request.