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Nonprofit Payment Processing Solutions

Collecting donations can be hard as more people carry less cash, less often. CardChamp’s online and recurring processing options can help you generate more income for your nonprofit over time. These solutions give your advocates an easy way to contribute to your organization while also allowing you to easily reconcile the source of donations. Save money with our low, transparent pricing and have peace of mind knowing each transaction is backed with an enhanced level of security.

Nonprofit Payment Challenges

Nonprofit Payment Processing Suite


Spend Less Time Reconciling Payments

Knowing where and how you’ve received your donations is crucial to the growth of your organization. CardChamp’s Custom Fields lets you collect specific information about each donation that’s searchable and sortable in transaction reports. Now, you can easily run a report to see the number of transactions and volume raised for each purpose, making your money management simple.

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Multiple Convenient Payment Methods

For in-person events, post QR codes for Hosted Payment Pages by the exit doors of your event. Now, members can scan the QR code to pay via mobile if they didn’t have cash for donating. 

Set up online payment forms on your website, allowing your advocates an easy way to make contributions. A third option is to use Hosted Payment Pages to email donation payment links directly to those who support your cause.

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