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B2B payment processor solution: Accept payments from other businesses from your business.

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B2B Payments Solutions

CardChamp’s suite of solutions are designed to benefit companies accepting payments primarily from other businesses. Your business can quickly increase receivables by utilizing our hosted payment pages, recurring billing and integrated invoicing platform. If reducing your credit card processing fees is your mission, we have you covered. All transactions receive Level 2/3 processing rates; meaning on average your business can potentially save 25% more compared to other credit card processing companies.

B2B Credit Card Processing Challenges

B2B Payment Processing Suite


Reliable B2B Credit Card Processing At A Click Of A Button

Our user-friendly virtual terminal allows each of your employees to have a unique login to accept payments from anywhere internet is available. Here, you can also review detailed reporting categories and send invoices.

Our hosted payment pages allow customers to make secure payments directly through your portal and into your account. You can also send invoices and set up recurring billing plans for customers to make transactions seamless.

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Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees

While Interchange rates tend to be the same for most businesses, there is an outlier for companies accepting corporate, business and purchasing cards.

CardChamp is able to offer you an extended cost reduction through Level 2/3 processing. With our automatic Level 2/3 processing rates, your business will benefit by paying between 50 and 100 basis points less on many keyed-in transactions. This means big savings for B2B customers.

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