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Join CardChamp – the premier destination for merchant services agents seeking to sell their portfolios. Our targeted investment strategy and forward-thinking approach prioritize growth opportunities for resellers with high-quality merchant portfolios. Explore synergies, expansion, and value creation with CardChamp today.

CardChamp is actively seeking to purchase Agent and ISO merchant portfolios that process with CardConnect, Fiserv, or TSYS. 

investment strategy

Investment Strategy

At CardChamp, our investment approach is precision-driven, comprehensive, and future-oriented. We concentrate on acquiring resellers possessing stable, top-tier merchant portfolios poised for expansion but not yet drawing the attention of major industry stakeholders. Our evaluation process for potential acquisitions encompasses diverse criteria such as portfolio expansion rates, economic indicators, merchant retention, and clientele diversity, among other pivotal financial benchmarks. Our goal is to pinpoint entities that not only fit seamlessly into our operational framework but also offer avenues for synergy, expansion, and value enhancement.

Win-win Partnership

A Win-Win Partnership

Central to our strategy is the meticulous framework of our investment playbook, meticulously crafted to streamline processes, standardize procedures, and mitigate risks at every turn. This playbook stands as the bedrock of our enterprise, indispensable for realizing our overarching goals. But our commitment doesn't end with acquisition. Leveraging our expertise and resources, we strive to elevate the value of acquired companies. This may entail enhancing their competitive edge, fortifying their business models for sustainability, and adeptly guiding them through regulatory landscapes.

Sell my Merchant Portfolio

CardChamp's payment experience and stellar reputation can help you make the most of selling your portfolio.

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