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CardChamp vs. QuickBooks Payments (Intuit)

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Quickbooks Payments from Intuit have been the standard for accepting credit, debit, and ACH payments within Quickbooks software. This has changed recently, as CardChamp offers businesses a direct integration into Quickbooks Desktop and Enterprise.

Businesses can work within their natural Quickbooks environment while accepting payments with CardChamp Direct.

Here we will review how Intuit payments pricing is structured and by using CardChamp Direct’s pricing, can save your business substantial credit card processing fees. 


Quickbooks Payment Processing Fees vs. CardChamp Direct

Below is a comparison chart of what Quickbooks lists on their website as of July 2021 for credit card and ACH payments. In the first two columns, you will see Intuit’s Pay as you go plan, meaning there is no monthly fee, however, the percentage applied to each transaction. The second column shows Quickbooks’ monthly plan, followed by CardChamp Direct’s pricing listed in the far right column.


Fee Type

QuickBooks Desktop "Pay as you go" Plan

QuickBooks Desktop "Pay monthly" Plan

CardChamp Direct

Monthly Fee




ACH Bank Transfer




Credit card - swiped

2.40% +$0.30

1.60% + $0.30

1.20% + $0.20

Credit card - keyed

3.50% +$0.30

3.50% +$0.30

2.50% + $0.20

Credit card - online invoice

3.50% +$0.30

3.30% +$0.30

2.50% + $0.20


*CardChamp Direct reflects pricing at Interchange Plus 35 Basis Points, $0.05 Per Authorization with a $15.00 Monthly Platform Fee. This also includes integrated Level 2/3 processing.


CardChamp Payment Processing

CardChamp provides Interchange Plus Pricing in the form of CardChamp Direct for all Quickbooks integrations. Businesses can choose from either our flat fee subscription model or Interchange + 35 Basis Points + $0.05 Per Authorization + $15.00 Per Month.

What makes CardChamp unique to other credit card processors is that we apply an optimization structure yielding lower Interchange rates when accepting, business, corporate, or purchasing cards in a card not present environment. 

For businesses processing more than $2,000 per month, CardChamp Direct will have lower credit card processing costs than Quickbooks Payments.

Businesses processing $500,000 or more annually can apply for custom pricing by clicking here.

Discover how you can gain seamless payment processing directly within  Quickbooks here.


Why Choose CardChamp?

  • Actually save up to 25% compared to most credit card processors
  • Month-to-Month Agreement with no penalty to cancel
  • Lower Interchange costs with Level 2/3 Processing
  • Dependable & Responsive United States based support by phone and email
  • Easy SetUp - get started in 15 minutes
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • Accept payments in-store, online, or on your phone
  • Next Day Funding


CardChamp has been helping businesses since 2009. Our honest and straightforward approach to credit card processing has been refreshing to business owners and is why CardChamp boasts glowing online reviews from our customers.

We typically save businesses up to 25% compared to their previous processing company. This is wrapped up with our innovative technology and full Quickbooks integration. Plus we make it easy to get started - 15 minutes is all you need. And with no penalty to ever cancel, why wouldn’t your business try out CardChamp?

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Sara Rhoades

Written by Sara Rhoades