7 Benefits of an In-App Quickbooks Credit Card Processing Integration

quickbooks credit card processing


If you accept credit card payments in the normal course of business, you know that it’s important to make the process as seamless as possible. A streamlined process benefits you and it also benefits the customers who pay you with credit cards.

At CardChamp, we understand QuickBooks credit card processing and why it’s necessary to offer an intuitive and affordable solution to our clients. That’s why we’ve focused on making the CardChamp integration one that works for businesses and their customers.

With that in mind, here are 7 benefits of in-app QuickBooks credit card processing integration.

#1: Reduced Labor Costs

One of the best reasons to choose an in-app QuickBooks credit card processing solution is that it reduces the labor needed to accept credit card payments and match payments with invoices.

With in-app processing, the credit card payments can be processed automatically and without human assistance. (You’ll still have the option of entering payments manually -- it’s just not a requirement.) That means you may be able to get by without a dedicated accounts receivable specialist -- or at the very least, to wrap that function into another job to save money.

#2: Saved Time

If you’ve ever tried to juggle more than one business solution to run your company, then you know how time-consuming it can be to make double entries in two or more programs to keep track of everything.

Choosing an in-app QuickBooks credit card processing option that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks is the best of both worlds. It allows you to choose the solution that works best for you -- both in terms of functionality and rates. But at the same time, it allows you to process your payments seamlessly, reducing repetitive data entry tasks and leaving you free to focus on more important things.

#3: Improved Security

When you accept credit card payments, you have a moral and legal responsibility to protect your clients’ credit card and financial information. Even if you’re not subject to FACTA regulations, your clients expect that you’ll keep their information secure.

For that reason, in-app credit card processing integration is a must. It allows you to accept and even store your clients’ credit card information. For example, most in-app credit card processing tools use something called tokenization to secure payments. Your customers’ credit card information is replaced with a token, a unique set of encrypted characters. The issuing bank is the only entity that can decrypt the token during authorization.

The best part is that you can safely store your clients’ credit card number, making it easier to process recurring transactions.

#4: Reduced Risk of Error

Even a small error on your books can lead to hours of time spent trying to identify and correct the mistake. And while it’s impossible to completely eradicate human error, using an in-app QuickBooks credit card processing integration can reduce the risk of making an error in the first place.

An integrated payment processing solution such as CardChamp will reduce the risk of errors by ensuring that your credit card transactions are recorded as they occur. That means that you won’t need to spend time searching for errors in your credit card payments.

#5: Up-to-the-Minute Accounting

When you use multiple programs to track your finances, it can be difficult -- if not impossible -- to get a handle on things such as cash flow and profits. One of the biggest benefits of using an in-app QuickBooks credit card processing solution is that you’ll always know where you stand in terms of cash flow.

Because in-app processing integrates directly with QuickBooks, your incoming payments will be logged immediately. You’ll be able to see which invoices have been paid and which are outstanding while also having access to current cash flow and income predictions.

#6: Better Reporting

On a related note, the reports you run with in-app payment processing will include your most recent transactions -- without requiring you or an employee to update them. That means that you’ll have access to all the information you need to keep your business running smoothly and seamlessly.

The decisions you make on a daily basis require you to know exactly where your company stands financially. With CardChamp, you’ll always have the most current numbers.

#7: Streamlined Operations

Finally, your business will benefit at every level from using a streamlined, in-app QuickBooks payment processing solution. Inefficiency costs businesses money -- and in some cases, it can even lead to business failure.

Using in-app processing cuts down on wasted time, improves operational efficiency, and leaves you and your staff free to focus on servicing your clients and growing your business.

The bottom line is that using in-app QuickBooks credit card processing integration helps your business at almost every level. It’s one of the best ways to save time and money, reduce inefficiencies, and improve your bottom line.

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