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How to Change the Time and Date on Dejavoo terminals

Some credit card terminals automatically update the time and date to coordinate Daylight Savings. Dejavoo credit card terminals are state-of-the-art, however, they do not automatically update.

Here is our quick guide to update time and date.

If you have the 1st screen… press OK button(Green)

 V3 Vega (2)

If you have the 2nd screen… touch 3 lines at bottom left

 Aura (2)


1. Select Utility

2. Enter Password 1234 (if prompted)

3. Select Settings

4. Select Time & Date

*Be sure to set this to Military Time (for Example: 9am = 0900, 9pm = 2100)

      1am = 0100, 1pm = 1300

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