Quickbooks Installation

How to Install QuickBooks Desktop App for CardChamp

Quickbooks Installation Guide with Transax Gateway

This is a step-by-step instruction for installing the CardChamp QuickBooks integrated application. Through our integration you can conveniently process transactions right from your QuickBooks file. To get started let's confirm application compatibility and required permissions for the install. We are compatible with all the Windows desktop versions of QuickBooks 2007 through current including Premiere Pro and Enterprise. We do not support Mac versions of QuickBooks or QuickBooks point-of-sale. If your version of QuickBooks is compatible but its access is in a QuickBooks hosted environment you will likely be unable to install on your own and you should contact your host for assistance. 


Installation Permissions:

You will need computer administrative permissions as well as the administrative login to your QuickBooks company file. You will also need to run QuickBooks in single user mode. Installs must be completed separately for each computer you want to give access to so ensure you meet all requirements and permissions on each computer before starting. Lastly for certain operating systems you may need to adjust your user account control settings. Go to your control panel, find user account control settings and make sure the slide bar is set to the bottom at never notify.

Beginning the Installation:

You can now start the install. Make sure QuickBooks is not currently open! You will launch QuickBooks later in the install process. 

First grab the download link by logging into your Transax gateway account. Once logged in, go to modules then QuickBooks payment add-on and click the download button here. Wait for the download to complete. While that downloads, copy your transaction API key you will get to the next step shortly where you'll be prompted to enter in this API key. Once you see the file has finished downloading, go to the file location and extract it to locate the installer. Now that you have the Installer, right-click on it and select run as administrator. 

Move forward through the install wizard keeping the default selections and initiate the install wait for the status bar to update until you receive final confirmation that the install setup is complete. Make sure the launch pineapple payments QB box remains checked and click finish. 


Transax Gateway Credentials:

Next you're prompted to enter your Transax gateway user account credentials. Paste in the API key that you previously copied and enter in all other account information this is the same user account that you logged into the Transax Gateway with earlier. Click Submit and receive the confirmation that credentials were stored. If for some reason you miss keyed anything, the message will say your credentials do not match what's on file. Simply re-enter and submit again.

Downloading our Application:

Finalize the connection to QuickBooks by right-clicking the QuickBooks icon and choosing run as administrator. As QuickBooks prepares to launch, select your proper company file. If prompted to log into your QuickBooks file login as the administrator, only your administrator can accept our security certificate which is our way of requesting access to your company file. When the security certificate appears, choose the third option and select the check box at the bottom allowing our application to access your QuickBooks customer data. Click continue receive confirmation you've granted access and click done since you initially launched QuickBooks as an administrator. 


Exit QuickBooks now and then reopen it normally at this point you can log back into QuickBooks with any QuickBooks user to confirm that you've completed a successful install. You should now see Pineapple as a new menu option on the customers menu complete the setup and our application will be ready for use the setup window appears the first tab is credentials no immediate action is needed.

Just remember if you reset your password in the Transax gateway or change user accounts in the future, you will need to update the stored credentials here. 


Next click settings check the log errors box to enable advanced troubleshooting and review all other optional settings here. Now select accounts. This pulls your chart of accounts directly from QuickBooks. Choose your default bank account, AR account, & asset account. If you're unsure of what to select for asset account, undeposited funds is typically the default choice. 

Finally you have advanced security options to enable password protected mode. This will require any QuickBooks user to enter your specified password in order to gain access. If not needed, skip this portion and click update.


Your install and setup of the CardChamp QuickBooks integrated application is complete. We can now process payments and access all other features. For additional support, please contact CardChamp’s support team by phone or email.

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